Teachers: Everything you Need to Know on EduLanka.info

Teachers: Everything you Need to Know on EduLanka.info

සිංහල භාෂාවෙන් මෙම ලිපිය කියවීමට මෙතැන ක්ලික් කරන්න.

This article gives Teachers all the information necessary to post a successful Ad on this website.

Using the Website as a Teacher

Featured Ads vs Simple Ads
Ad Packages
Student Reviews
Teacher Profile

How to post an Ad
Marking as a Featured Ad
Submitting your Ad
Reviewing and Publishing of the Ads
Rejected Ads

Using the Website as a Teacher

Teachers can use EduLanka.info website in 2 ways:

You can post your Ads to promote your classes so that Students will contact you (only a premium feature).


You can use the website to find classes through browsing the Ads posted by Students (100% free feature).

In both cases, you need to have a profile on the website. Please make your profile by following the instructions given in this article.


As a teacher, the type of Ads you would post are of the type “Class Provided“.

You can promote classes related to O/L and A/L subjects on this website.

You can only post your Ads on EduLanka.info website by purchasing a Standard Ad Package. There are 3 different Packages and you can find their details here.

If you try to post an Ad in Classes Provided categories without buying an Ad Package first then the following error will be shown to you:

Once posted, your Ads will never expire on the website.

As soon as you make your free account you can browse the entire website and view all the Ads published. You do not need to buy a package to see Ads posted by Students or other Teachers.

When you publish an Ad, it will be displayed on different areas of the website; home page, search pages and the dedicated Ad page.

The text of the Ad in the dedicated Ad page will look like below:

You can use Sinhala or English in the Description section

If you set your Ad as a Featured Ad, it will get highlighted and receive special attention of Students in multiple places. What is a Featured Ad?

Simple Ads are all Ads which are not Featured Ads.

A Featured Ad will have a pre-defined duration with “featured” status. When it expires, the Featured Ad automatically converts to a Simple Ad.

A Simple Ad will never expire.

You can also reestablish the featured status to an expired Featured Ad simply by editing it.

Your active Featured Ads and Simple Ads can be found under My Ads in your Dashboard.


When other Teachers post Ads, your Simple Ad (not set as a Featured Ad) will move down in the All Ads list.

You may Bump-it-Up to push it to the top of the list. What is a Bump Up Ad?

Ad Packages

Depending on the Ad Package you buy, the number of Ads you can post at a time varies. To post new Ads, you need to buy a Standard Pack. (Not a Booster Pack, which are for only promoting already posted Ads.)

Read more about the different packages available here.

Student Reviews

Each Ad you post can be reviewed by your students. Their Genuine reviews will help you gain more credibility on the website.

So make sure to ask your students to login and leave a review about their experience of learning from you on your Ads. These reviews will be visible underneath your Ad in the Single Ad View page.

You and all other users of the website can also react to the reviews you receive.

Teacher Profile

As a Teacher, it is also important for you to have a complete profile with a Profile Photo.

It will greatly improve your chances of students contacting you, since they can trust your profile. Read this article to know how you can update your profile.

How to post an Ad

To post an Ad you need to buy a Standard Ad Package.


Click the ‘Post Ad‘ button


Type the title of the Ad.

Use the most important keywords in your title.

e.g.: 2022 A/L Physics with <Teachers Name>

There is limit of 100 characters in the title.

Please only use English letters and words in your title since it helps with search functions on the website.


Select the Category type: A/L Classes Provided OR O/L Classes Provided

Based on your choice, there will be subcategories to be selected.

A/L Classes Provided (5 subcategories):

Arts Classes Provided

Commerce Classes Provided

Maths & Bio Classes Provided

Tech Classes Provided

General English Classes Provided

O/L Classes Provided (No subcategories)

All classes related to O/L examination will be posted under the common category.

User Information

Enter your details in this section.

Name – Keep it complete and professional.

Mobile Number – Please check your number to be accurate.

District – From the dropdown menu, select the district in which you will conduct classes. If your classes are Online, please select ONLINE.

Address – You can make use of this field to promote the location of an institute or any other place you conduct your classes at. But you can always provide minimal information here by just stating a city name or town.

IF YOUR CLASSES ARE ONLINE – Please search for ONLINE and select it.

Ad Description

In this section type the detailed description of your classes. Some suggestions are:

  • your class schedules
  • information about payments
  • syllabus breakdowns and study plans
  • your expertise as a teacher
  • and everything else you wish to advertise!

You can use Sinhala or English in the description section.

The edit page will look like this:

Even though the bullets in the bulleted list are invisible in the edit page, they are visible on the final Ad. So go ahead and use it! Check this sample.

The Ad will be displayed like this on the Single Ad view page:

Type of Ad

Please select “Class Provided” here.

Then this tag will be displayed with your Ad.

Price Type

You need to select the type of price you’re specifying: Per Hour / Per Session / Per Month.

This will be displayed next to the price on your Ad.


Type the price you will be charging (based on the type you selected above).

If you’re offering a free class, please type 0. All prices are in LKR.

YouTube Link

Insert the complete link of a video from your YouTube channel here (Not your channel link).

Making a small introduction video of yourself and your classes, uploading it to your channel and attaching it here will greatly help you attract more students.

The video will display like this on your Ad.


Optimum dimensions for your photos should be 760 px * 410 px.

Since square images will be cropped, please use an image made to the above resolution for best results.

The photos you upload should be less than 800 kb in size.


State the subject taught in your class.

You may mention the Exam and the Year of Exam if applicable. (e.g.: Geography 2022 A/L)


Select all mediums you provide classes in.

Is the Class Online?

Yes – If the class is ONLY held online

No – If the class cannot be held online under any circumstances

Can be arranged if required – If you can arrange online classes

Type(s) of Class Provided

Select all the types of classes that you are willing to provide.

Size of Class

You can select the sizes of classes that you’re promoting in the Ad.

You may select all the options you wish to provide.

OR you can select the only type of class you conduct.

Website Link (If available)

You may link your external website or channel to the Ad.

The text of the link will not be shown when the Ad is displayed. Instead, it will be masked by ‘View Website‘.

Teacher’s profile

The following information can be provided with the Ad.

Most students need to know specific information about their Teachers like Age, Gender, Education Qualifications and Experience.

Teacher’s Age


Highest Education Level

Experience in Teaching (Years & Months)

School Teacher?

Paper Marking Panel Experience

You will be asked if you want to set your Ad as a Featured Ad. Tick the box if you wish to make it so. Read this article to know what the benefits of a Featured Ad are!

You can easily set any Ad as Featured later through My Ads.

Until your Ad is safely submitted, it is not saved.

Therefore you may risk losing your unsaved Ad details if you navigate away from the page without submitting.

Submitting your Ad

When you have successfully entered all the above information, you can submit your Ad.

Click the button under the User Information section.

If you have not completed any compulsory field you will be notified with this prompt:

Upon successful submission, this prompt will be displayed:

Reviewing and Publishing of the Ads

All submitted Ads are manually reviewed by our staff before being published.

This process is typically completed within 24 hours, but might take a maximum of 48 hours.

When your Ad is published, we will notify you with an email sent to your verified email address.

Rejected Ads

Sometimes an Ad might be rejected.

The review team will notify you with the reasons for it to be rejected and the remedial actions you can take.

Once these issues are corrected, you can resubmit the Ad for the approval of the team. Upon satisfactory correction of previously identified issues, your Ad will be published on the website.

Buy your Ad package now and start posting your Ad!

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