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What is a Featured Ad?

What is a Featured Ad?

සිංහල භාෂාවෙන් මෙම ලිපිය කියවීමට මෙතැන click කරන්න.

Featured Ad is a promoted Ad which grabs special attention of the Students throughout the website.

Please note that this feature is to be used only by Teachers and not Students.

Featured Ads have a length of 4 days. After that they become a Simple Ad.

You can buy a Booster Pack to make your old Simple Ads featured again.

This article will provide answers to the following questions (you may select each)

On the homepage:

On the search pages:

Single Ad view page (of any Ad):

The Featured Ads will have a special tag highlighting them.

The Ads will rotate on the sliders and will be chosen randomly from the pool of active Featured Ads on the site at any given time.

When viewing your simple Ad (through your own profile),

1. Select the prompt displayed below:

2. Confirm your choice


when you’re editing your Ad, Tick the box below to set the Ad as a Featured Ad.

Your choice will be confirmed and you will be redirected to the Featured Ad page.

A Standard Pack enables you to post new Ads and set them as Featured Ads.

A Booster Pack gives you the ability to set already published (old) Ads as Featured Ads.

Read more about Ad Packages here.

Purchase your Ad Package through here to activate Featured Ads.

Your remaining Featured Ads can be found on your Dashboard.

Do you want to use Featured Ads to promote your services on the website? Buy an Ad Package now to activate Featured Ads.

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